Hey Folks!

It's been a while since the release of "LOST CITY". I want to thank the ones who supported me, sent me messages. It was my first album and I feel it had a good response from the progressive rock world. So thanks and hope you're ready for the next chapter!


 Around two years ago I started to work and compose new ideas, and it all came down to this. "INSTANT CONSEQUENCE" will be filled with electronic sounds, metal riffs, spacey/odd grooves and also orchestrated interludes.


Besides my fusion/metal side, some of you know my passion for film and film scores, that's why I always love to create a hole story behind the album, to really take you places while hearing the music. Or at least I try!


This new CD will be a full on journey with lots of action and drama, as well as spacey atmospheres with emotive melodies and hardcore drumming.


Stay in tune for the release, see you soon!


(artwork made by Adam Tredowski)

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7/04/13- In the meantime here's a video of myself recording to one of the tracks!, enjoy!



7/01/13- New website design! please be patient while the other sections are being made!





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